Acquisition of a Memory Skill.pdf
Cognitive Skill Implications for Spatial Skill in Large Scale Environments.pdf
Components of HR Response in Anticipation of Reaction Time and Exercise Tasks.pdf
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Effects of Modality and Similarity on Context Recall.pdf
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Exceptional Memory.pdf
Heart Rate Response to Non-signal Tones.pdf
Individual Differences in Memory Span.pdf
Mental Operations in the Comparison of Sentences and Pictures.pdf
Mental operations in the management of active memory (Does Memory Speech Involve Implicit Speech).pdf
Modality and Similarity Effects in Short-Term Recognition Memory.pdf
On the Process of Comparing Sentences Against Pictures.pdf
Parallel Processing in Item Recognition.pdf
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Perceptual Coding Strategies in the Formation and Verification of Descriptions.pdf
Phenomenological Reports as Data.  A comment to Ralph Norman Habers Twenty years of haunting eidetic imagery. Where is the ghost.pdf
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Semantics in the Perception of Verticality.pdf
Sequential Effects in Choice Reaction Time.pdf
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Stimulus and Response Repitition Effects in Retrieval from Short-Term Memory.pdf
Structure and Process in Alphabetic Retrieval.pdf
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