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Resources for Parents of Young Children

Policies and Programs:
2016-2017 Family Handbook (pdf)
Children's School Policies
Children's School Programs
2016 Parent Orientation Handout (pdf)
Pennsylvania Private Academic School Licensing (May 2014 Article)

Resources for Family Time:
May 2017- Sun Protection Q & A
Character Education- Resources from The Heartwood Institute
January 2016- Terrific Textiles for Families
April 2015- Worms to Beans (Handout from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 3/27/15)
April 2015- Worms to Beans Photos
February 2015- Family Explorations in Pittsburgh
April 2014- Too Much Too Soon? Or Too Little Too Late? (Handout from the Staff/
Parent Discussion on 3/28/14)
January 2014- The Importance of Block Play
January 2014- Birds Are Amazing Builders
December 2013- Winter Bird Feeding

Family Spotlight:
May 2017- A Homecoming (The Gonzalez Family)
April 2017- A Bittersweet Farewell (The Snediker Family)
March 2017- Constants Across 7 Years (The Goldberg Family)
February 2017- Education for the Entire Family (The Uchidiuno Family)
January 2017- Our First School (The Nasr Family)
December 2016- Back in the 'Burgh (The VanHoudnos Family)
November 2016- We had a good day! (The Fortier Family)
October 2016- Snapshot of Our Community
2015 - 2016 Family Spotlights
2014 - 2015 Family Spotlights
2013 - 2014 Family Spotlights
2012 - 2013 Family Spotlights
2011 - 2012 Family Spotlights
2010 - 2011 Family Spotlights

Director's Resources:
Director's Corner
The Director's Corner is a monthly newsletter column from Children's School
Director, Dr. Sharon Carver. Topics vary from month to month.
May 2017 (Parents-As-Stage Managers)
April 2017 (Parents-As-Playwrights)
March 2017 (Parents-As-Set Designers)
February 2017 (Parents-As-Directors)
January 2017 (Why Theatre?)
December 2016 (Dramatic Play)
Fred Rogers re: Choosing Playthings
Bringing Theatre Home (December 2016)
November 2016 (Outdoor Play)
October 2016 (Play as a Priority)
2015-16 Director's Corner Series on Early Childhood Math
2014-15 Director's Corner Series on Exploration
2013-14 Director's Corner Series on the Art of Possibility
2012-13 Director's Corner Series on NAEYC Standards
2011-12 Director's Corner Series on Mind in the Making
2010-11 Director's Corner Series on Developmental Objectives for Early Childhood

Themes - Perhaps you wondered, why we organize our curriculum into thematic units
Individual Differences - Perhaps you wondered, how we handle individual differences
in the classroom.
Playdough - Perhaps you wondered, why we offer preschoolers playdough activities
so frequently.
NAEYC Site Visits - Perhaps you wondered, how NAEYC assessors conduct site
visits as part of accreditation renewal.
Lying - Perhaps you wondered, why children start lying when they are about 5
years old.
Letter Reversals - Perhaps you wondered, why children reverse letters and numerals
Giving - Perhaps you wondered, how to help children become generous givers and
gracious receivers
Family Tech Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 3/22/13)
Wonders of Water Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 2/1/13)
Family Gym Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 3/23/12)
Family Building Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 1/28/11)
Family Math Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 9/24/10)
Healthy Minds & Bodies Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 1/27/12)
Building Basics Resource (from the February 2011 newsletter)

School Choice Resources:
School Choice Handout (from the Staff / Parent Discussion Fall 2015) (pdf)
Children's School Kindergarten Overview (pdf)
Pittsburgh Area School List (pdf)
Get Connected:
Public Schools:
Private Schools:

Safety Resources:

Nutrition Resources:

Parenting Resources:
How Children Learn to Write
Talking with Children about Tragedies
A collection of resources and helpful hints from sources such as Mr. Rogers,
Children's Hospital, and a variety of National Early Childhood Organizations.