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Resources for Parents of Young Children

Policies and Programs:
2017-2018 Family Handbook (pdf)
Children's School Policies
Children's School Programs
2017 Parent Orientation Handout (pdf)
Pennsylvania Private Academic School Licensing (May 2014 Article)

Resources for Family Time:
February 2018 Animals- The Wonders of the Wild (Educator / Family Discussion
Handout from 2/2/18)
May 2017- Sun Protection Q & A
Character Education- Resources from The Heartwood Institute
January 2016- Terrific Textiles for Families
April 2015- Worms to Beans (Handout from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 3/27/15)
April 2015- Worms to Beans Photos
February 2015- Family Explorations in Pittsburgh
April 2014- Too Much Too Soon? Or Too Little Too Late? (Handout from the Staff/
Parent Discussion on 3/28/14)
January 2014- The Importance of Block Play
January 2014- Birds Are Amazing Builders
December 2013- Winter Bird Feeding

Family Spotlight:
May 2018- The Heinz Family
April 2018- The Starkey / Reese Family
March 2018- The Bird / Pfeuffer Family
February 2018- The Figueroa Family
January 2018- The Phillips Family
December 2017- The Kurzweg Family
November 2017- The Love Family
October 2017- Snapshot of Our Community
May 2017- A Homecoming (The Gonzalez Family)
April 2017- A Bittersweet Farewell (The Snediker Family)
March 2017- Constants Across 7 Years (The Goldberg Family)
February 2017- Education for the Entire Family (The Uchidiuno Family)
January 2017- Our First School (The Nasr Family)
December 2016- Back in the 'Burgh (The VanHoudnos Family)
November 2016- We had a good day! (The Fortier Family)
October 2016- Snapshot of Our Community
2015 - 2016 Family Spotlights
2014 - 2015 Family Spotlights
2013 - 2014 Family Spotlights
2012 - 2013 Family Spotlights
2011 - 2012 Family Spotlights
2010 - 2011 Family Spotlights

Director's Resources:
Director's Corner
The Director's Corner is a monthly newsletter column from Children's School
Director, Dr. Sharon Carver. Topics vary from month to month.
May 2018 (Reviving Nature Play)
April 2018 (Renewing Wonder)
March 2018 (Navigating Niches)
February 2018 (Importance of Interdependence)
January 2018 (Adaptation Advantages)
December 2017 (Careful Communication)
November 2017 (Biodiversity Benefits)
October 2017 (Lessons from Nature)
2016-17 Director's Corner Series on Play as a Priority / Why Theatre?
2015-16 Director's Corner Series on Early Childhood Math
2014-15 Director's Corner Series on Exploration
2013-14 Director's Corner Series on the Art of Possibility
2012-13 Director's Corner Series on NAEYC Standards
2011-12 Director's Corner Series on Mind in the Making
2010-11 Director's Corner Series on Developmental Objectives for Early Childhood

Themes - Perhaps you wondered, why we organize our curriculum into thematic units
Individual Differences - Perhaps you wondered, how we handle individual differences
in the classroom.
Playdough - Perhaps you wondered, why we offer preschoolers playdough activities
so frequently.
NAEYC Site Visits - Perhaps you wondered, how NAEYC assessors conduct site
visits as part of accreditation renewal.
Lying - Perhaps you wondered, why children start lying when they are about 5
years old.
Letter Reversals - Perhaps you wondered, why children reverse letters and numerals
Giving - Perhaps you wondered, how to help children become generous givers and
gracious receivers
Family Tech Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 3/22/13)
Wonders of Water Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 2/1/13)
Family Gym Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 3/23/12)
Family Building Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 1/28/11)
Family Math Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 9/24/10)
Healthy Minds & Bodies Handout (from the Staff/Parent Discussion on 1/27/12)
Building Basics Resource (from the February 2011 newsletter)

School Choice Resources:
School Choice Handout (from the Staff / Parent Discussion Fall 2015) (pdf)
Children's School Kindergarten Overview (pdf)
Pittsburgh Area School List (pdf)
Get Connected:
Public Schools:
Private Schools:

Safety Resources:

Nutrition Resources:

Parenting Resources:
How Children Learn to Write
Talking with Children about Tragedies
A collection of resources and helpful hints from sources such as Mr. Rogers,
Children's Hospital, and a variety of National Early Childhood Organizations.