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Children's School Program

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The Children's School's approach to preschool and kindergarten education is based on theories and research in Developmental Psychology, as well as years of successful practice.

Our program is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, a division of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Our Unique Approach - - -
Foundations for Learning
Goals - Program - Assessment
Six Basic Learning Goals

Curriculum Design - - -
Thematic Approach to Curriculum
Classroom Centers
A Closer Look at Cooking
A Closer Look at Technology

Program Descriptions - - -
Three-Year-Old Preschool
Four-Year-Old Preschool
Extended Day

Frequently Asked Questions - - -
What does the 2015-2016 Calendar look like?
Why do you offer a 4/5 day preschool?
Are there opportunities for mixed age interactions?
How do you balance structure and choice?
Do you offer PreK or Kindergarten or both?

School Policies - - -
Greeting and Dismissal
Parent Participation
The Child's Belongings
Field Trips
Holidays and Special Occasions
Birthdays and Sibling Visitors
School Cancellations
Discipline Policy
Car Seat Policy
Health and Safety Guidelines

Pennsylvania Depatment of Public Welfare Licensing - - -
Though the programs offered by the Children’s School do not fall under the regulatory
jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, NAEYC accreditation
requires voluntary compliance with all DPW standards (10.B.04). Copies of both the
NAEYC and the DPW standards are available to parents in the Children’s School office
or via links on our web site. The Director and Assistant Director collaborate to guide the
documentation procedures and complete the required paperwork for annual reporting
and re-accreditation, as well as the associated DPW compliance checks. We would be
happy to discuss any aspect of these processes with interested families.

Please take a look at the following link to become familiar with DPW's standards:

Please take a look at the following link, (pdf file) to become familiar with the ways
the Children's School complies with each standard:
DPW Voluntary Compliance