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The Children's School is the laboratory school for the Psychology Department in the college of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Research Q&A Document designed for children's parents and guardians provides an overview of the laboratory procedures. The Research Consent Form they sign provides additional detail in the format required by the Institutional Review Board. Sample Research Study Descriptions from 2008 to 2010 exemplify the types of investigation being conducted at the Children's School.
Faculty, research associates, graduate students, and senior honors students wishing to conduct research projects at the Children's School must first complete all of the Institutional Review Board requirements for their project.
and then follow the Children's School Research Policies. Be sure to apply for the required Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Clearance as soon as you contemplate conducting research involving child subjects because they take time to process. Directions for obtaining these security assurances are available on the PA Department of Public Welfare web site at:
Students taking the Research Methods in Child Development course follow a modified set of Policies for Research Methods Projects and are not required to obtain security assurances because they always work with staff supervision and never work alone with children. These students ARE required to complete the IRB's education requirement re: ethical treatment of human subjects through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) because it applies to all Carnegie Mellon University researchers. Please see the IRB web site for directions and relevant web links. For the Research Methods courses, the Children's School Director submits a yearly project request for IRB approval and serves as a representative of the IRB for the purpose of approving specific student project proposals.
After all of the Psychology research and course projects have been scheduled, requests for course or individual projects from other departments and colleges will be considered. Projects involving Human Subjects Research are subject to the policies described above.
Policies for Non-Research Projects apply when the project does not meet the Institutional Review Board's definition of Human Subjects Research.
Typically, user tests conducted for the purpose of improving the design of products and not involving systematic investigation to develop generalizable knowledge fit this category. Similarly, projects involving gathering the children's opinions to guide the design process, taking photographs of children as a way to practice photography techniques, or inviting children to be an audience for an exhibition or performance are non-research projects.

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