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The Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University supports and encourages study, research, and interest in the humanities, the disciplines that study human culture and its products. The center sponsors lectures, colloquia, panel discussions, and other events designed to promote understanding and knowledge of the humanities in the Carnegie Mellon community. Interdisciplinary conferences and research seminars allow for the production and dissemination of original research and new approaches to the humanities. The center is particularly interested in sponsoring work that spans the divide between the humanities and the sciences. In the future, the Center expects to offer internal and external fellowships.

The Humanities Center is one part of the Humanities Initiative, an ambitious plan by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to develop and expand the humanities at Carnegie Mellon. Humanities Center programs often augment the curriculum of the Humanities Scholars Program, a rigorous, four-year interdisciplinary program open by invitation to H&SS applicants. The Humanities Center also collaborates with the Center for the Arts in Society, a multidisciplinary research and education center, operated jointly with the College of Fine Arts.

The Center is supported in part by a National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant awarded in 2005.

To read the Humanities Center mission statement, click here.

  • The Humanities Center
    is now accepting
    for a 2011-12
    residential fellowship.

  • The Humanities Center welcomes 2010-11 Fellow, Jennifer Gully.

  • The Humanities Center Lectures: Identities in Conflict: The Recognition of Migrants

  • Faces of Migrants:
    The Carnegie Mellon International
    Film Festival
    March 17-April 10, 2011

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