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Students in the News

James Bursley
The Undergraduate Research Office is proud to highlight current students who have participated in our SURG, ISURG, and SURF programs. ARTICLE/INTERVIEW

Amelia Nichols
Amelia Nichols has been named a 2009 Harry S. Truman Scholarship recipient. Sixty Truman Scholars are selected nationwide each year based on leadership potential, intellectual ability and their "likelihood of making a difference." ARTICLE

Dianne Palladino
What factors influence how well a teenager with Type 1 diabetes sticks to a medical regimen? Dianne Palladino, a first-year Ph.D. student in Carnegie Mellon's Social and Health Psychology program, is working to find the answer. ARTICLE

Sheela Ramesh
Sheela Ramesh, a senior at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in voice and psychology, has been named a 2009 Marshall Scholar. ARTICLE

Erika Taylor (9-10-08)
Erika Taylor won a Young Investigator award for her presentation at the Biomag 2008 conference in Japan. LINK

Brian Mathias (4-2-07)
Prestigious Scholarship Will Fund Carnegie Mellon Student's Study of Neuroscience in Germany. ARTICLE