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PROFILE — Adam Greenberg
Click to Enlarge Photo . . . Postdoctoral Fellow

Psychology Office: 330 Baker Hall
Psychology Phone: 412-268-4237
Faculty Mentor: Marlene Behrmann

CNBC NeuroImaging Journal Club:

Lab link:

Personal Calendar:

  • (4/1/13) Adam has moved to Milwaukee, WI to begin an Assistant Professor position at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Please visit Adam's new lab page here, or his new faculty page here.
  • (4/15/13) New paper on auditory attention accepted for publication at Human Brain Mapping.
  • (4/1/13) We are currently recruiting for a full-time RA/lab manager position at UWM in Milwuakee, WI to begin September of 2013. Please email Adam if you are interested in applying.
  • (March, 2013) Adam has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee beginning Fall, 2013!
  • (12/17/12) Paper at JAR now in print, link here.
  • (11/8/12) New paper/video now in print at the Journal of Visualized Experiments here.
  • (9/26/12) New paper on attention and internet advertising now in press at the Journal of Advertising Research.
  • (2/21/12) Press release for new publication on attention tractography here.
  • (1/5/12) New paper accepted for publication at the Journal of Neuroscience.
Research Interests:

Dr. Greenberg received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in Cognitive Neuroscience in the lab of Dr. Steven Yantis. He also has a B.S. (Case Western Reserve Univ) and M.S. (UAB) in Biomedical Engineering. Prior to beginning his doctoral studies, Adam transitioned from the engineering world to the neuroscience world working as a research scientist at the National Institute of Mental Health with Dr. Leslie Ungerleider. Adam is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the CMU Psychology department with Dr. Marlene Behrmann. He will be joining the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as an Assistant Professor in Fall, 2013.

His primary interests are in visual attention, object perception, and perceptual organization. Most of his research questions center around how humans control their behavior in response to a visual stimulus and which brain mechanisms are involved. Adam uses psychophysical techniques as well as fMRI, DTI, & TMS to gain insight into the cognitive control of vision and attention.


A.S. Greenberg, S.R. Friedman-Hill, L. Pessoa, L.G. Ungerleider (under review). Neural Correlates of Distracter Filtering During Covert Attention in Humans.

A.S. Greenberg, M. Rosen, E. Cutrone, M. Behrmann (under review). The Fate of Nearby Targets During Object-Based Attention and Visual Search.

L. Gmeindl, Y-C Chiu, M.S. Esterman, A.S. Greenberg, S. Yantis, S.M. Courtney (under review). Tracking the Will to Attend: Cortical Activity Indexes Purely Voluntary Shifts of Attention.

A. Seydell-Greenwald, A.S. Greenberg, J.P. Rauschecker (in press). SAre You Listening? Brain Activation Associated with Sustained Nonspatial Auditory Attention in the Presence and Absence of Stimulation, Human Brain Mapping.

A.S. Greenberg (2012). The Role of Visual Attention in Internet Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, 52(4):400-404.

J.S. Phillips, A.S. Greenberg, J.A. Pyles, S.K. Pathak, M. Behrmann, W. Schneider, M.J. Tarr (2012). Co-Analysis of Brain Structure and Function using fMRI and Diffusion Weighted Imaging, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 69:e4125.PubMed abstract

A.S. Greenberg, T. Verstynen, Y-C Chiu, S. Yantis, W. Schneider, M. Behrmann (2012). Visuotopic Cortical Connectivity Underlying Attention Revealed with White-Matter Tractography, Journal of Neuroscience, 32(8):2773-2782.PubMed abstract Press Release

A.S. Greenberg, M. Esterman, D. Wilson, J.T. Serences, S. Yantis (2010). Control of Spatial and Feature-Based Attention in Frontoparietal Cortex, Journal of Neuroscience, 30(43): 14330-14339.PubMed abstract

A.S. Greenberg (2009). Uncertainty as a Guiding Principle in the Strategic Allocation of Attention to Objects, Ph.D. Thesis, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. ProQuest abstract

A.L. Shelton & A. Greenberg (2009). Statistical Tests and Inferences in Functional Neuroimaging, In: L.R. Squire (ed.) Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, volume 9, pp. 393-400. Oxford: Academic Press. ScienceDirect abstract

A.S. Greenberg & L. Gmeindl (2008). Strategic Control of Attention to Objects and Locations, Journal of Neuroscience, 28(3):564-5.

A. Qiu, B.J. Rosenau, A.S. Greenberg, M.K. Hurdal, P. Barta, S. Yantis, M.I. Miller (2006) Estimating Linear Cortical Magnification in Human Primary Visual Cortex via Dynamic Programming, NeuroImage, 31(1):125-38. PubMed abstract

A.S. Greenberg (2001). A Partial k-Space MRI Tagging Technique for Skeletal Muscle Strain Map Generation, Master’s Thesis, The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

A.S. Greenberg (1996). Deconvolution of Optical Coherence Tomographic Images, Senior Engineering Thesis, Case Western Reserve University, Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Published Abstracts:

A.S. Greenberg, M. Rosen, K. Zamora, E. Cutrone, M. Behrmann (2012). Object-Based Attention is Impervious to Nearby Targets During Visual Search, Journal of Vision, 12(9):1156.

A.S. Greenberg, M. Behrmann (2011). Perceptual Grouping Gives Rise to Object Perception: Evidence from Psychophysical Reverse Correlation, Journal of Vision, 11(11):1064.

A.S. Greenberg, S. Yantis (2010). Object-Based Attentional Selection is Affected by Visual Search Strategy, Journal of Vision, 10(7):172.

A.S. Greenberg, S. Yantis (2008). An Objective Measure of the Relative Strength of Perceptual Grouping Cues using Object-based Attention, Journal of Vision, 8(6):1019.

B.J. Rosenau, A.S. Greenberg, J.S. Sunness, S. Yantis (2008). Cortical Lesion Projection Zone Activity in Retinal Disease Patients is Caused by Object-specific Feedback, not Plasticity, Journal of Vision, 8(6):490.

A.S. Greenberg, J.T. Serences, S. Yantis (2006). Object-based Attention Does Not Automatically Spread Throughout an Object, Journal of Vision, 6(6):594.

A. Qiu, B.J. Rosenau, A.S. Greenberg, P. Barta, S. Yantis, M.I. Miller (2005) Localizing Retinotopic fMRI Activation in Human Primary Visual Cortex via Dynamic Programming, IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2:1313-16.

S. Vaishnavi, A. Greenberg, A. Chatterjee (1999). A Preattentive Visual Deficit Without Visual Agnosia, Journal of The International Neuropsychological Society, 5:107.

Manuscripts in Preparation:

A.S. Greenberg, L. Gmeindl, M. Esterman, S. Yantis. Initiation of Attention Shifts is Affected by Shift/Hold Cue Ratio.

A.S. Greenberg, S. Shomstein, S. Yantis. Positional and Temporal Uncertainty Guide Object-Based Attentional Selection.

Recent/Upcoming Conference Presentations:

R. Randall, A.S. Greenberg (2013). Principal Components Analysis of the Perception of Musicality in Pitch Sequences, 2013 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition, Toronto, Canada.

A.S. Greenberg, M. Behrmann (2013). Object-Based Attention Capture is a Determinant of Object Closure Effects, 2013 Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, Naples, FL.

S. Shomstein, F. Uyar, A.S. Greenberg, M. Behrmann (2013). Sensory Processing with Varying Degrees of Attention: Lessons from Hemispatial Neglect, 2013 Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, Naples, FL.

A.S. Greenberg, F. Uyar, M. Behrmann, S. Shomstein (2012). Retinotopic Information Interacts with Categorization in Human Object Selective Cortex, Society for Neuroscience 42nd Annual Meeeting, New Orleans, LA.

F. Uyar, A.S. Greenberg, M. Behrmann, S. Shomstein (2012). Sensory Processing with Varying Degrees of Attention: Lessons from Hemispatial Neglect, Society for Neuroscience 42nd Annual Meeeting, New Orleans, LA.

S. Shomstein, F. Uyar, A.S. Greenberg, M. Behrmann (2012). Enhancing Sensory Responses to Neglected Information with Prismatic Adaptation, Society for Neuroscience 42nd Annual Meeeting, New Orleans, LA.

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