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PROFILE — Kenneth Koedinger
Click to Enlarge Photo . . . Professor
Area: Cognitive

Contact information:
Psychology office: Newell-Simon Hall 3601
Psychology phone: 412-268-7667

Research Interests:

I have an MS in Computer Science, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and experience teaching in an urban high school. This multidisciplinary background supports my research goals of understanding human learning and creating educational technologies that increase student achievement. I have developed computer models of student thinking and learning that are used to guide the design of educational materials, practices and technologies. These cognitive models provide the basis for an approach to educational technology called "Cognitive Tutors". My colleagues and I have developed Cognitive Tutors for mathematics, science, and language and have tested them in the laboratory and as part of real courses. In a whole-year classroom study with our Algebra Cognitive Tutor, we found that students in our experimental classes outperformed students in control classes by 50-100% on targeted real world problem solving skills and by 10-25% on standardized tests. My research has contributed new principles and techniques for the design of educational software and has produced basic cognitive science research results on the nature of mathematical thinking and learning. I have authored 126 peer-reviewed publications, 10 book chapters, and 59 other papers and have been a Project Investigator on 16 major grants. I am a co-founder and board member of Carnegie Learning, Inc. and the CMU Director of the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center. The center leverages computational approaches to identify the instructional conditions that cause robust student learning. The center started in 2004 and is funded by the National Science Foundation for $5 million per year until 2014.

Click HERE for a list of Publications

Assistant to Dr. Koedinger:
Jo Bodnar,

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