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PROFILE — Alessandro Oltramari
Click to Enlarge Photo . . . Postdoctoral Researcher

Psychology Office: FMS341
Psychology Phone: 412-268-6284
Faculty Mentor:

Lab link:

Research Interests:
Dr. Oltramari received his Ph.D. from University of Trento (Italy) in Cognitive Science and Education, in co-tutorship with the Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology of the Italian National Research Council (ISTC-CNR). He also has a B.S. and M.S. in Philosophy of Science (University of Padua - Italy). He has worked as a research scientist at the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (ISTC-CNR) in Trento since 2000. Alessandro has been a Visiting Research Associate at Princeton University (WordNet group) in 2005 and 2006. His primary interests are in ontology, cognitive science, lexical semantics. Most of his research questions center around how cognitive mechanisms and knowledge representation "collaborate" in performing complex human tasks. Alessandro's research activity at CMU mainly deals with integrating ontologies and ACT-R models for high-level event recognition and reasoning. In general, extending cognitive architectures with large knowledge bases represents a brand new area of research in Artificial General Intelligence.

Selected Publications:

Alessandro Oltramari, Christian Lebiere, Using Ontologies in a Cognitive-Grounded System: Automatic Action Recognition in Video Surveillance, STIDS 2012 (7th International Conference on "Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense, and Security")

Alessandro Oltramari, Christian Lebiere, Pursuing Artificial General Intelligence By Leveraging the Knowledge Capabilities Of ACT-R, AGI 2012 (5th International Conference on "Artificial General Intelligence"), Oxford (UK).

Alessandro Oltramari, Christian Lebiere, Noam Ben-Asher, Cleotilde Gonzalez, Modeling Strategic Dynamics Under Alternative Information Conditions,Proceedings of ICCM 2013 (International Conference of Cognitive Modeling)

Alessandro Oltramari, Noam Ben-Asher, Christian Lebiere, Cleotilde Gonzalez, Fairness and Efficiency Aspects of Cooperation in Repeated Social Interaction, Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

Oltramari, Lebiere. Mechanism Meet Content: Integrating Cognitive Architectures and Ontologies. Proc. of AAAI 2011 Fall Symposium of "Advances in Cognitive Systems" (Arlington, Virginia, November 4-6 November 2011).

Oltramari, A. A Tutoring Methodology for the Enrichment of Ontologies. Cahiers de Lexicologie, Classique Garnier, 99, 2, 2011.

Oltramari, A. Representation, Presentations, and Conceptual Schemas. "Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning", Chapter 1717, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011.

Oltramari, Lebiere, 2011. Extending Cognitive Architectures with Semantic Resources. Proc. of "The Fourth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence" (AGI 2011, Mountain View, California, USA, August 3-6). Forthcoming as part of "Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence". PDF

Oltramari, 2011. Representations, Presentations, and Conceptual Schemas. In Seel, Norbert M. (ed.), "Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning", 1st Edition (Available: December 16, 2011).

Huang, Calzolari, Gangemi, Lenci, Oltramari, Prévot (Editors), 2010. Ontology and the Lexicon. Cambridge University Press.

Prévot, Oltramari, Borgo, 2010. Interfacing ontologies and lexical resources. In Huang, Calzolari, Gangemi, Lenci, Oltramari, Prévot (Editors), Chapter 11, pp. 229-245. Ontology and the Lexicon. Cambridge University Press.

Ovchinnikova, Vieu, Oltramari, Borgo. Data-driven and Ontological Analysis of FrameNet for Natural Language Processing. (Forthcoming in) Proc. of LREC 2010 (7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation), 17 -23 May, La Valletta, Malta.

Ferrario, Oltramari (Editors), 2009. Formal Ontologies Meet Industry. IOS Press.

Trypuz, Oltramari, Vieu, 2007. Ontology of Actions and Mental Entities. Proc. of Workshop on “Concepts, Actions and Objects: Functional and Neural Perspectives”, 19-22 April 2007, Rovereto), Italy.

Ferrario, Oltramari, 2004. Towards a Computational Ontology of Mind. In Varzi, Vieu (editors). Proc. of FOIS 2004 (3rd International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems). 4-6 November, Turin, Italy, pp. 267-277, IOS Press.

Gangemi, Guarino, Masolo, Oltramari, 2003. Sweetening WordNet with DOLCE. AI Magazine 24, 3, Fall 2003, pages 13-24. AAAI Press.

Oltramari, 2002. The Psychophysical chimaera. Proc. of TSC2002 (International Conference “Towards a Science of Consciousness”), 8th April, Tucson, USA.

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