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PROFILE — Michael Tarr
Click to Enlarge Photo . . . Professor and Department Head
Area: Cognition, Visual Cognition, Perception

Contact information:
Psychology office: 346C Baker Hall
Psychology phone: 412-268-4379

Lab link:

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the how the primate brain turns 2D retinal images into the perception of objects and scenes.

  • Face and Object Recognition
  • Perceptual Expertise
  • Visual Categorization
  • Computation Vision
  • Real-time, adaptive fMRI
  • Connectivity in the human visual systems using high-definition fiber tracking using DSI


PubMed List of Publications (Click to View a Complete Publications List)

Nestor, A., Vettel, J. M., & Tarr, M. J. (2012). Internal representations for face detection: An application of noise-based image classification to BOLD responses. Human Brain Mapping, n/a. doi:10.1002/hbm.22128

Bukach, C. M., Gauthier, I., Tarr, M. J., Kadlec, H., Barth, S., Ryan, E., Turpin, J., & Bub, D. N. (In Press). Does Acquisition of Greeble Expertise in Prosopagnosia Rule Out a Domain-General Deficit? Neuropsychologia.

Phillips, J. S., Greenberg, A. S., Pyles, J. A., Pathak, S. K., Behrmann, M., Schneider, W., & Tarr, M. J. (2012). Co-analysis of Brain Structure and Function using fMRI and Diffusion-weighted Imaging. J. Vis. Exp. (69), e4125, doi:10.3791/4125.

Lebrecht, S., Bar, M., Barrett, L. F., & Tarr, M. J. (2012). Micro-Valences: Affective valence in "neutral" everyday objects. Frontiers in Perception Science, 3(107). doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00107

Jiang, F., Dricot, L., Weber, J., Righi, G., Tarr, M. J., Gobel, R., & Rossion, B. (2011). Face categorization in visual scenes may start in a higher order area of the right fusiform gyrus: evidence from dynamic visual stimulation in neuroimaging.

Journal of Neurophysiology, 106, 2720-2736. e-print, doi:10.1152/jn.00672.2010. McGugin, R., Tanaka J. W., Lebrecht, S., Tarr, M. J., & Gauthier, I. (2011). Race- specific perceptual discrimination improvement following short individuation training with faces. Cognitive Science, 35(2), 330-347.

Barenholtz, E., & Tarr, M. J. (2011). Visual learning of statistical relations among non-adjacent features: Evidence for structural encoding. Visual Cognition, 19(4), 469-482.

Associates and Assistants to Dr. Tarr:
John Pyles, Postdoctoral Fellow
Elissa Aminoff, Postdoctoral Fellow
Daniel Leeds, Graduate Student
Lindsay Victoria, Graduate Student
Yang Xu, Graduate Student
Ying Yang, Graduate Student
Carol Jew, Research Assistant

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