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Program Areas
Graduate Program
From the outset, our graduate program emphasizes research training: Research and course work are guided by an advisor and faculty committee that reflect the student's interests. Each student is expected to participate in original research throughout the four years of graduate study. In the first and second years, the results of these research activities are formally presented to the Department in the spring semester. During the first two years, students take a core-course sequence covering social/personality psychology, developmental psychology, cognition, and cognitive neuroscience. More specialized courses are taken in Psychology and across the University, depending on the student's interest. The program culminates with proposing, completing, and defending the Ph.D. thesis. Graduates of our Ph.D. program can be found in major research universities, within colleges that emphasize teaching, and in applied psychological fields.

Undergraduate Program
The Psychology Department offers three majors and a minor: a major in Psychology with a B.S. or B.A. degree, a major in Cognitive Science with a B.S degree, and a unified program in Psychology and Biology leading to a B.S. degree. Our teaching is popular not only with majors but with many students in other departments. The department's courses reflect its core interests in cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, social/personality/health and developmental psychology. Students with interests in clinical psychology will find that the science training they receive is excellent preparation for a clinical graduate program, and additional course work in clinical areas is available. Involving students in research is a major part of the training we offer. Psychology majors take two courses in research methods. Many students become involved in faculty research projects or independent research. Our students acquire not only a grounding in the science of Psychology but general research and analytic skills.