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336B Projector Download
The following directions will help you install the EasyMP Network Projection software:

1. Click on the link to

2. The website should detect your operating system automatically. If it does not detect automatically, please choose the correct operating system from the drop down menu.
If you need help detecting the operating system version follow these steps:


3. Click the Download link under the utilities section.
4. On the 'Download Your File' page, under 'Download Only,' click the Download button.
5. Open up the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard to complete the download.
6. If your computer needs to be restarted, please do so.

The following directions will help you connect to the new projector in 336B:

1. Open the program EasyMP Network Projection and select 'quick connect'
2. If the firewall needs to be shut down, please do so
3. In the the 'quick connection' window, locate the EPSON336B projector and click the connect button in the lower right hand corner
4. You are now connected