The 37th Carnegie Symposium on Cognition
October 9-11, 2009 ~ Carnegie Mellon University

From Child to Scientist: Mechanisms of Learning and Development
A Festschrift in honor of the scientific and educational contributions of David Klahr

Walter van Dyke Bingham Professor of Cognitive Development and Education Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Psychology


Sharon M. Carver (CMU Psychology Ph.D., 1986)
Kevin N. Dunbar (CMU Post-Doc from 1985-88)
Jeff Shrager (CMU Psychology Ph.D., 1985)
Robert S. Siegler (Teresa Heinz Professor of Cognitive Psychology, CMU)


Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon's Program in Interdisciplinary Education Research
(PIER), funded by the Institute for Education Sciences
The American Psychological Association 
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