Cognitive Axon (CoAx) Research Areas

Brain Network Architecture and Cognition

Form and function are intimately linked in the brain: the computation of a neural circuit is constrained by its architecture. We study how the organization of cortical and subcortical networks impacts neural computation.

Statistical Properties of Skill Learning

The ability to perform complex skills usually requires learning to bind many individual actions into a single, unified movement. How does the brain learn this action binding? What are the timescales at which this binding occurs?

Response Planning and Stopping

Selecting actions occurs through both proactive means and reactive means. How does context influence the way we plan our actions? Are there different neural systems and cognitive strategies for proactive versus reactive planning (or stopping)?

Health Neuroscience

In many ways how we make decisions can impact our physical health. Our physical health can also impact the brain and cognition. Are there neural phenotypes for health behaviors and health risks? How do changes in physical health impact neural decision making systems?

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