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Directions to Carnegie Mellon’s Children’s School

Our lab space is located on the lower level of Margaret Morrison Hall, next to the Children's School, on the CMU campus.

Heading south from Morewood Avenue , enter Carnegie Mellon campus. Walk straight past Warner Hall and Purnell Arts Center .  Turn left at the fence.  Past the tennis courts you will see the entrance to Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall.  There will be stairs on the left immediately as you enter.  Take the stairs to the basement.  Turn left for the hallway.  You will see a sign for the Children's Center.  Take a right to the hallway.  Press the intercom and a researcher will come out to direct you.


Directions to Carnegie Mellon University Campus


We also do some testing (mainly with adults) in our cognitive development labs on campus.

Directions to Cognitive Development Lab On Campus

Heading south from Morewood Avenue and enter Carnegie Mellon campus.  Head straight past Warner Hall, Purnell Arts Center , and Doherty Hall.  The building on the right, next to the parking lot, is Baker Hall.  Enter and there will be stairs on the left.  Walk up the stairs to the third floor.  On the left is the door to the Psychology Department. Down the hallway to your right, you will see our two offices, rooms 336E and 336F.


Contact Information:

Phone: (412) 268-8190


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