Meet the Lab

Megan Lipsett
University of Colorado at Boulder '06
B.A. Psychology
California Institute of Integral Studies '11
M.A. in Integrative Health Studies

Hometown: Dillon, Colorado and Berkeley, California

Research Interests: how subjective mindsets (thoughts and beliefs about the world) impact psychological, emotional, physiological, and behavioral mechanisms and modulate stress pathways, health-related behaviors, and social structures. I am passionate about exploring the mediation of these subjective mindsets through modalities (e.g. meditation, mindset interventions, and cognitive reappraisal) designed to generate self-awareness, self-compassion, stress-resilience, ecological awareness and social belonging

Fun Fact: I have studied traditional indigenous wisdom practices in India, Peru, Southeast Asia, Bali, Central America, and China.



Jeffrey de Boer
DePaul University '15
B.A. in Psychology
Carnegie Mellon University '19
Masters in Business Administration

Hometown: Antioch, IL (Chicago)

Research Interests: Mechanisms of the explicit benefits of mindfulness; Mindfulness and decision making; disease / symptom specific mindfulness based intervention development

Fun Fact: I know all of the words to "DNA" by Kendrick Lamar

Please click on the following link to download Jeffrey's curriculum vita: Jeffrey De Boer CV.




Michael Tumminia
Stockton University '15
B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Behavioral Neuroscience

Hometown: Freehold, NJ

Research Interests: Globally, I am interested in investigating how mindfulness interventions (classroom-based, smartphone-based, and retreats) can enhance social-emotional learning and academic achievement. Specifically, I aim to explore how mindfulness training can improve self-regulation in adolescents and how this might influence academic and behavioral outcomes (reducing dropout, aggression/suspensions, improving GPA, etc). In short, my goal is to learn how these interventions can be improved, standardized, and tailored to change trajectories especially during critical transitional periods.

Fun Fact: In April of 2010, I played the lead role (Prisoner #8612) in the first ever live performance of the classic Stanford Prison Experiment study in front of psychologist Dr. Philip Zimbardo.