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Kevin Dunbar              David Klahr            Chris Schunn

This photo, of Kevin Dunbar, me, and Chris Schunn was snapped at a dinner during the "Second Purdue Symposium on Psychological Sciences: Psychology of Science: Implicit and Explicit Reasoning", held at Purdue University, in June 2010.

Kevin and Chris both played a crucial role in my work on the psychology of science, summarized in (Klahr, 2000).  Kevin worked with me as a post-doc from 1985 to 1988, and Chris was at CMU from 1990 to 1998: first as my grad student, and then as a post-doc with John Anderson. I guess I'm the intellectual grandpa here:  after Kevin left my lab at CMU, he joined the faculty at McGill, where he supervised Chris' senior thesis, and then Chris came to CMU to work with me. Kevin is currently at the University of Maryland. Chris Schunn is now at the University of Pittsburgh's Learning Research and Development Center.

The sharp-eyed viewer will notice that I am the only one with a glass of wine before me.  However, lest YOU  make a faulty inference here, you should be aware that off to Kevin's right and Chris's left,  but unseen in this photo, sit glasses recently emptied by each of them, while mine is hardly touched.  That is why their smiles are much larger than mine here.

2013 Group Picture: (back row L-R) Cressida Magaro, Stephanie Siler, Kevin Willows (front row L-R) David Klahr, Audrey Russo, and Audrey Kittredge

2013 lab


2012 Group Picture: (back row L-R) Kevin Willows, Audrey Kittredge, Audrey Russo, Cressida Magaro and Cathy Chase (front row L-R) Stephanie Siler and David Klahr

2012 lab

My research group size varies between 3 or 4 and 8 to 10. As of summer 2010 the group included:
(back row L-R) Cressida Magaro, Jordan Lippman, Maria Ptouchkina (summer intern),
Audrey Russo, David Klahr, Bryan Matlen, Kevin Willows, Dana Mowery (pboe) (front row L-R) Trisha Fultz (summer intern), Stephanie Siler, Jamie Jirout with baby Riley. The two summer interns are from PSLC. Dana Mowery is a science teacher at the Pittsburgh Public School SciTech Academy.



The next photo shows the group (as of Spring 2009), and also includes former post-doc Mari Strand-Cary, with first child, Vaugh Loren.


Spring 2009 Group Picture: (back row L-R) Cressida Magaro, Audrey Russo, David Klahr, Jamie Jirout, Bryan Matlen, Kevin Willows (front row L-R) Stephanie Siler, Mari Cary with baby Vaughn Loren Cary.

Next is the group from around 2008:

(back row L-R) Cressida Magaro, Kevin Willows, Jodi Davenport, Ido Roll, Bryan Matlen, Ben Shih (front row L-R) Stephanie Siler, Tom Lauwers, Jamie Jirout, Ruth Wylie (not pictured are Mari Carey, Junlei Li, Audrey Russo.)


2006 Group Picture: (back row L-R) Jamie Jirout, Cressida Magaro, Jodi Davenport, me, Audrey Russo, Junlei Li, Matt Easterday, Ido Roll (front row L-R) Camellia Sanford, Mari Carey, Elida Laski, Stephanie Siler

Group picture of: Chris Carroll, Norma Cheng, Junlei Li, Elida Laski, Stephanie Siler, me, Audrey Russo, Mandy Jabbour, Mari Strand Cary, (missing from photo is Cammie Williams) going back to 2005.

lab pic

  As of summer of 2003-group picture of: Junlei Li, me, Audrey Russo, Norma Chang, Jen Blessing, Laura Triona, Jen Schnakenberg with baby Emily, and Amy Mansnick.

Going back a dozen years or so, the research group consisted of the following:

current lab

Back row from left to right: Eva Toth, Brad Morris, Virginia Fraser, Lara Triona
Front row from left to right: Anne Seigel, Milena Nigam, Jennifer Schnakenberg, Amy Masnick. I
guess I was the photographer on this one.

And finally, this shot from Halloween 1991, when my group surprised me by all dressing up as me (beard, tie, glasses, etc.). Included here are, from left to right:

costumed lab

David Klahr, David Penner, Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Chris Schunn, Shari Ellis, Takashi Okada, Anne Fay, Susan Glotfelty. I leave it to the observer to decide which beards are real. Note that Chris Schunn (center rear) also appears in the June 2010 photo.