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DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RENEWS PIER GRANT FOR $3.6 MILLION. Carnegie Mellon News, Monday September 14, 2015

Psychology Professor David Klahr's Work Integrating Children's Cognitive Development and Education Sciences Celebrated In New Book. Carnegie Mellon News, Monday, April 16, 2012

Moving Forward. Carnegie Mellon Homepage Stories, Health and Wellness, Summer 2011.

Experts review psychology of science teaching. Education Daily, Vol. 44, No. 149 · Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Think Like A Scientist. Science News, Vol 175 #13 (p.20) June 20, 2009

The Science Storm Some say direct instruction works best, while others argue for the discovery learning method. Surprisingly, the two camps are very close to being on the same team District Administration, March, 2005

A Science Study's Author Responds to Critics. Education Week, January 5, 2005

To Improve Education, We Need Clinical Trials To Show What Works. Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition). New York, N.Y.:Dec 17, 2004.

The Best Ways to Make Schoolchildren Learn? We Just Don't Know
Sharon Begley.
Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition). New York, N.Y.:Dec 10, 2004. p. B.1

Stand and deliver...or let them discover? District Administration, November 2004

NCLB Could Alter Science Teaching, Education Week, November, 2004

Studying Ways to Improve Education: A two-year program has selected 13 fellows to conduct school-based research with leaders in the field. APA Monitor, September, 2004

Instruction versus exploration in science learning. APA Monitor, June, 2004


Press Releases

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RENEWS PIER GRANT FOR $3.6 MILLION. Carnegie Mellon News, Monday September 14, 2015

U.S. Department of Education Renews Carnegie Mellon Grant To Continue Improving Education Research Carnegie Mellon Press Release, Sept 2009

Psychologist David Klahr named Bingham Professor. The Tartan, October 15, 2007

Carnegie Mellon Names Leading Education Researcher to Bingham Professorship. Carnegie Mellon Media Relations, October 8, 2007

Carnegie Mellon Psychologist Named to National Academy of Education. Carnegie Mellon Media Relations, April 30, 2007

Carnegie Mellon Today
: Connecting the University Community; alumni, faculty, staff,students, parents & friends. Cover Story: Transforming America's Schools
Jonathan Potts, Nov. 2005, Vol. 2, No. 3

Carnegie Mellon Receives Multi-Million Dollar Grant To Train the Next Generation of Education Researchers. Carnegie Mellon Media Relations, September, 2004

Carnegie Mellon Cognitive Psychology Research Boosts Middle School Students' Science Comprehension and Test Scores. Carnegie Mellon Media Relations, August, 2004

Klahr speaks at Secretary of Education's Science Summit (March 2004)

Carnegie Mellon Cognitive Psychologist To Speak At U.S. Department of Education Summit. Carnegie Mellon Media Relations. March, 2004

Carnegie Mellon Psychology Department Receives Grant To Study and Improve Middle School Science Instruction. Carnegie Mellon Media Relations, October, 2003

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Say Direct Instruction, Rather Than "Discovery Learning" Is Best Way To Teach Process Skills In Science, at recent meeting of AAAS (February 1998).

Letters to the Editor

How researchers get federal money. Post-Gazette: August 1983

Klahr, D. (2001) Directions to " Eureka!" Science , 292, 2009

Exhibit A. by David Klahr Post-Gazette: September 7, 2004
The rebuttal entitled, Theory, not fact. Post-Gazette: September 11, 2004