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"Talk at Inaugural Conference of the Society of Research on Educational Effectiveness. Dec. 2006.

"Informal interviews on a variety of topics, recorded at SRCD 2007"

This video contains a presentation that I gave at the Saclker Colloquium on the Science of Science Communication, at the National Academy of Science in May, 2012. The description of the full colloquium can be found at:

"Presidential Symposium at Annual Meeting of AERA (April, 2014) * Intro: Barbara Schneider, President of AERA; David Klahr, CMU; Nora Newcomb, Temple; Dan Schwartz, Stanford; Bror Saxberg, Kaplan; My talk (~20 min) is an attempt to indicate the intersection between NSF, IES, and AERA."Click here to view

Talk on history of Psychology Department (and Herb Simon's role) presented at 100th anniversary of Psychology Department reunion, May 20, 2016.