Stephens, J. D. W., & Holt, L. L. (submitted). A standard set of American-English voiced stop-consonant stimuli from morphed natural speech.

The archives below contain acoustic stimuli for use in speech perception research. The stimuli and the methods used to create them are described in the paper listed above. Please cite the paper when using the stimuli. The stimuli are free to use for academic research and educational purposes. For all other uses, please obtain permission from the authors.

Files available for download:

The files named and each contain eight 20-member morphed series, arranged hierarchically within directories, e.g.:





The directories corresponding to each vowel in also include the original recorded utterances as well as the edited versions of the recordings and source waveforms used as input in the morphing procedure.

The file named contains all 320 stimuli and associated files within a single directory.

The file named formant_frequencies.pdf contains the table of measured formant frequencies given in Appendix B of the paper.

The file named contains the MATLAB and Praat scripts used to interpolate the LPC filter parameters and resynthesize the stimuli.

Researchers are advised to refer to the paper cited above and to the online documentation for important information regarding the acoustic and perceptual properties of the stimuli. The stimuli may also be obtained via electronic mail ( or in CD format by postal mail addressed to Lori Holt, Psychology Department, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

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