Hommage for Bob Siegler

Aix-en-Provence, June 9-10, 2016

Conference Photos

1. Around Aix-en-Provence
Photo Credits: Hotel, Statue, & Church: Geetha Ramani; Farmers Market & Scrumptious Meal: Jing Tian; Boats & Rooftops, Todd Siegler; Courtyard Fountain: Geetha Ramani.

2. Pictures of the Group
Photo Credits: Valerie and Diane, Valerie Camos; Pierre, Diane, Valerie, David, & Bob, Valerie Camos; Listening to a Talk, Todd Siegler; Julie & Geetha, Julie Booth; Eating Out, Hugo Lortie-Forgues, Lisa Fazio, & Jing Tian; Listening to a Talk, 2, Todd Siegler.
3. Photos of Presentations
David and Hugo Presenting, Valerie Camos; Xiaodong Presenting, Jing Tian; Zhe and Bob presenting, Todd Siegler; Bob's standing ovation, Todd Siegler.

Bob Siegler's Homepage

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