Organized 1940 Federated 1968
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Garden Club Federation of Penna.
National Council of State Garden Clubs

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To find out what's going on with our sister garden club, the Edgewood Garden Club of Rhode Island, please click here.
Upcoming Events
Please note that due to a number of factors, Theresa has decided not to list the upcoming events online any more. However, if you would like to be included in the list for club emails, please send your email address to Katherine or Theresa (see contact info below), and we will add you to the list. Then you will receive the email notifications that go out to our members.
Odds and Ends

1. The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association If you aren't already a member, consider joining this community-based and community-oriented group, which has already done so much to improve the Nine Mile Run Watershed. Contact Lisa Brown, 412-371-8779, to become involved or to get more info. More details are at their website:

2. Garden Dreams is a small urban farm in Wilkinsburg built on 2 vacant lots that previously consisted of abandoned houses. Now it produces naturally grown vegetable and herb seedlings. To learn more about this wonderful urban garden, click here.You can also contact Mindy Schwartz, the person behind Garden Dreams, at

3. Click HERE to read about the Dickson Elementary School Garden and Eileen Manz, the Swissvale volunteer who maintains it!
4. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here to obtain a free copy.
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