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Thematic Approach to Curriculum

The teachers prepare an engaging learning environment for exploring a theme, such as outer space, birds, or transportation. They use a group meeting time each day to set the stage for the investigation and introduce relevant concepts. Then the children pursue a variety of activities that reinforce the learning goals. The staff continuously monitors the activities, so that we may facilitate the childrens' learning and challenge them at an appropriate level.

Kindergarten Themes 2015-2016
September: Bugs
October: Elements of Art (HS)
November: Building
December: Beatrix Potter
January: Me, You & Us
February: Textiles - Whole School Unit
March/April: 7 Natural Wonders
May: Chicks & Oviparous Animals

Preschool Themes 2015-2016
September: Friendship & Community
October: Rainforest
November: Outer Space
December: Storytelling / Leo Lionni
January: Children Around the World
February: Textiles - Whole School
March/April: How Things Work
April/May: How Things Grow