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BrainHub Announces Recipients of ProSEED Funding
Eight new neuroscience projects propose innovative solutions to some of the most pressing questions in brain science and represent the university's strengths in biology, computer science, psychology, statistics and engineering. The projects out of the Psychology Department are Measuring Brain Changes During Stress Management Training and ConnPort: Creating a Standardized Interface To Access Human Connectome Data.

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Mind over mucus? CMU researcher gives subjects common colds to test psychological factors in immune systems
Sheldon Cohen, a CMU professor, will put three decades of groundbreaking research online. (One conclusion: Hugs do help.)

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Tina Liu is a recipient of the 2015 Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award
Tina Liu is a recipient of the 2015 Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award (VSS Student Travel Award) for the 2015 Annual VSS Meeting. This is an extremely competitive award, with over 200 applicants expressing interest this year. The Awards Committee's recommendations was based on a wide range of factors, including the scientific merit and potential impact of her research as described in the abstract, the statement and C.V., and letters of recommendation.

Researchers Reveal How Mindfulness Training Affects Health
CMU Psychology Professor J. David Creswell and graduate student Emily K. Lindsay have developed a model suggesting that mindfulness influences health via stress reduction pathways. Their work, published in "Current Directions in Psychological Science," describes the biological pathways linking mindfulness training with reduced stress and stress-related disease outcomes.

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Bringing Texture to Flat Touchscreens: New Insight Into How Brain Understands Data From Fingers
Roberta Klatzky, the Charles J. Queenan Jr. Professor of Psychology and Human Computer Interaction, was part of a team that developed a new mathematical model and experimental results on "haptic illusions" that could one day lead to flatscreen displays featuring active touchback technology, such as making your touchscreen's keyboard actually feel like a keyboard.

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Can hugs make you healthier?
even though itís February, Iím not sick. How does that work? Some new research from Carnegie Mellon University might give us some clues. In their most recent study, Cohen and colleagues used questionnaires to assess how socially supported each of their 406 study volunteers felt, and used daily telephone interviews to tally up the interpersonal conflicts that had happened that day. The researchers recorded one more thing that hadnít been studied before: the number of hugs each volunteer had received.

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Researchers Discover "Idiosyncratic" Brain Patterns in Autism
New research recently published in Nature Neuroscience shows the brains of individuals with autism display unique synchronization patterns, something that could impact earlier diagnosis of the disorder and future treatments.

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Here Are The Best 6 Images From CES (According To Neon Labs)
Based on neuroscience research out of Carnegie Mellon University, Neon Labs uses an algorithm to identify the images that the human brain (as opposed to our eventual robot overlords) will find the most interesting. Neon's product automatically selects the most visually appealing frame from a stream of online video to be used as the video's thumbnail. Thumbnails -- the entry points for Web users to interact with videos -- are becoming more important to video publishers as the number of online videos increases.

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