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The Psychology Department at Carnegie Mellon has long been considered a pioneer in cognitive psychology, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. Today its programs feature not only those fields, but social/personality psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and health psychology as well. It is consistently ranked as one of the top departments in the nation, and its distinguished faculty have been recognized by numerous honors and awards.

The Department's educational programs feature an emphasis on research at both the graduate and undergraduate level. We provide graduate training leading to a Ph.D. degree in Psychology. Our undergraduate majors receive the B.S. or B.A. in Psychology, the B.S. in Cognitive Science, or the B.S. in Psychology and Biological Sciences. Our department also provides the major for many students in the inter-college Science and Humanities Scholars program and also provides a minor in Psychology.

In keeping with Carnegie Mellon's tradition of interdisciplinary activity, faculty and students in the Psychology Department benefit from interactions with many other departments and centers. These include the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Machine Learning Department in the School of Computer Science, and, within the College of Humanities and Social Science, many departments including the departments of Social and Decision Sciences and Statistics. Faculty and students are also affiliated with centers that are jointly formed between Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, including the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition and the Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center.

We are proud of our department and invite you to learn more about it through this site!